First Truly Decentralized MMORTS Entirely Based on Blockchain

Construct your society on smart contracts

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Welcome to Impera World, the world's first truly decentralized online strategy game, fully managed by smart contracts for unprecedented user experience. Impera is not just a game, but a unique large-scale experiment that will allow you to learn how human society would evolve if it had blockchain technology from the earliest stages of its development. This is a civilization simulator setting stage in a primitive environment of ancient times, devoid of complex social superstructures, in which the player has to gradually travel into the future by carefully managing their settlements to grow from primitive form to fully technologically, politically and economically advanced societies.

The unique game principle of User-Generated Smart Contracts (UGSC) developed by our team allows players to create their own smart contracts and leverage these contracts to build relationships with each other. This brings out an important component of the game, diplomacy, with an highest level of flexibility in building trust, alliances and experiencing a true betrayal and treachery. All game aspects, from tribute payment agreement to new forms of government, are regulated by smart contracts developed and agreed upon between players. Subjugate others to your powers, create profitable coalitions, build entire states with their own laws and inevitable fates, develop ideal political systems, and even issue your own money. Everything is possible in Impera!

User-Generated Smart Contracts

- Contracts that Form Empires -

Impera is more than just a game. This is the world's first sandbox for creating and exploring smart contracts, and we believe that the best examples of these contracts can be projected into the real world. Impera is an ideal testing ground, where new, more effective ways of human relationships can be initiated, from the simplest contracts to entire financial institutions and complex state systems. All of this is possible with the unique game principle of UGSC which ultimately provides an ironclad guarantee of the contracts enforcement between the players.

All Game Resources are ERC20 Tokens

- Tokens that Build Cities -

The whole ecosystem of the game is driven by the blockchain, and all game resources and goods created are ERC20 tokens that are freely traded on both the in-game Impera Exchange (Impex) and any external exchanges. Without exception or limitation all game resources and goods are freely exchanged for “Fiat” or “Crypto”, and vice versa, which allows players to directly benefit from a successfully played game. Whatever happens in the game it always directly impacts the value of the tokens. For example, factions who wage war inevitably will create high demand for iron ore and the value of the corresponding token will grow.

Decentralized Organization

- Game that is Completely Owned by Players -

Impera is exclusively controlled by the players, and all the participants within the game are forever equal to each other without exceptions. Nobody can sell artifacts to the elite or create any unfair advantages for anyone simply because there is no authoritative game administrators within the game! The Impera World is created and operated with a fundamental principle of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). This means that all participants, including developers, have equal privileges, and all major changes within the game will be strictly governed by the Impera World Improvement Proposal (IWIP) and will be put to a gamers collective vote before being implemented. The game itself will be updated with a fork upgrade model. It is also worth noting that any player with adequate experience can become a developer and bring their ideas to the community court. The consensus of the community on all issues is the basis for the development of the project. All this simply means is that even developers will never know what the world of Impera will evolve to be in the future!


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Innocenti Troitsky

Visionary Team Leader

Bohdan Melnychuk

Lead Impera Developer, Blockchain Ideologist and Project Architect

Fil Pogosov

Lead Project Manager and Creative Director

Anton Sharychev

Tech Artist and Unity Developer

Andrey Divenkov

Legal Counsel, Law Department

Konstantin Gerlein

Chief Operating Officer

Ilona Sayenko

Lawyer, Law Department

Sergei Lukin

Lead Node JS Developer

Roman Holovay

Blockchain and Smart Contracts Developer

Veronika Ten

Team Caretaker

Katy Hurska

Human Resources

Yuliia Liesova

Lead Designer

Denis Tarasov

Game Balancer

Pavel Maraev

Development Adviser

Alexey Mazur

Marketing Department